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T'ai Chi Classes in Newton, MA

If you're looking for a way to reduce stress, help your balance, and enhance your energy, T'ai Chi may be for you. T'ai Chi Ch'uan, rooted in Chinese antiquity, is a gentle, stylized way of moving that over time has proven beneficial for health maintenance and stress reduction.

T'ai Chi can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, gender or athletic ability. Its slow, graceful movements foster relaxation, opening and revitalization of the entire body and, from this, the gradual development of inner serenity.

Instructor Joe Lyons, a Newton resident, has been a practitioner of T'ai Chi since 1988. This informal group that meets Wednesday nights at the First Unitarian Society of Newton, aims to introduce participants to the basic principles of motion that make up the movements of T'ai Chi and give it its special, flowing quality. Through the use of both stationary and moving techniques, participants start to realign body structure, open the nerve pathways, quiet the mind and calm the heart.

Come participate in this traditional form known as “Hwa Yu Xi Yi Men” (Liu Ho Ba Fa) and experience for yourself this extraordinary gift from China's rich cultural heritage.

T'ai Chi classes are held Wednesdays, 6:45-7:45 p.m., on the second floor of the First Unitarian Society of Newton, 1326 Washington St., West Newton, Massachusetts. The church is a block from the West Newton Cinema, across the street from the police station. Classes are $50 a month; (first class is free).

Call Joe Lyons at 617-244-3534
or send email to TaiChiNewton@gmail.com for more information

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